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02 January 2009 @ 02:59 pm
The 3rd annual 101 Challenge - coming soon. Very very soon.  
Please, please, please work this year

After pretty much swearing off the 101 for good following the awful year we had in 2008, the New Year vigor just won't keep away, and I've sprung back with a vengeance to make this year the best so far. Sign-ups are open as of right now, and the challenge will officially kick off on Monday 5th January. You'll still be able to sign up after the 5th, but you'll be behind the others who signed up earlier. The list will be pretty much exactly the same as last year, given that it was perfectly decent and no one really gave it a good spin 'round the block as it is.

As always, The 101 is still only open to NZ residents, but we are still taking international submissions in the same fashion we took them for the last two years. If you live overseas and see something on the list you'd still like to do, do it! You can e-mail it to me (home-on-the-highway67 [at] hotmail [dot] com) with your name, country, and city (and state, if you're from the U.S), and it'll be featured on the profile page entitled 'The 101 International'.

Anyway, the next post up will be the sign-ups, so that's where you can, well, sign up. Bit obvious there. If you know me, then there are literally (actually, not literally) countless ways you can sign up - text me, call me, IM me, send me an e-mail, a letter, a singing telegram or just tell me in person if you happen to live on the floor above me. Or if we happen to be going ice skating tomorrow.
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