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26 February 2008 @ 07:01 am
#61: most inappropriate place for a game of cards by jonathan w  
Any one else goto the lantern festival? well, we did(we being sunny, janette, jaidan and me)..but then after a coupla hours we got bored. so, we decided to check out the starlight symphony over at the auckland domain. while we we're walking there however, i noticed a small section of road, right in the middle of the grafton motorway intersection, right next to auckland domain, which was unused. And then i realized, i had the ingredients for the 101 #61:cards, check, location, check, cameraman, check, players, check, etc.

and so, we sat down, in the middle of the road, and played last card. by the way, that "way" you see there is part of a give way painted on the road. and although the cameraman somehow managed to not film any of them, we we're getting some very odd looks from the other festival->symphony migraters who went past XD

oh and btw, i didn't actually win, lolz, janette did. i was just happy that i had beaten sunny, who had thrashed me last time we played.

~*DO THE 101!!*~
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 .: Supernatural: Promo {good fight}trusttheonions on February 27th, 2008 06:13 am (UTC)
Creativity - 2/5. Middle of the road = honestly, the first thing I thought of when this challenge came up. Last card = pretty generic card game. Now, strip poker in a petting zoo? THAT would get you major points. Sorry man, but you struck out on the creativity.

Methodology - 2/5. The fact that the portion of the road was sectioned off with cones, AND that you had your camera man circling you in plain sight made it pretty obvious you were doing it for a challenge or something similar, which obviously would have reduced the embarassment-factor. A more stealthy approach will earn you more points in the future.

Difficulty - 3/5. Yep, this task was quite a lot harder than most, but again, the safety provided by the road cones took your points for this category down from 4 to 3.

Biggiosity - 4/5. Despite the fact that it was probably quite noisy where you were, you made no attempts to keep your game quiet and unnoticed. I admire how loud you all were, and how unashamed to attract attention you seemed. Well done

Uberosity (Bonus Points) - 6/10. You get these bonus points mostly because you did this in a heavily populated area... nice and crowded, with loads of onlookers!

In total, you get 17 points!