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16 February 2008 @ 12:46 pm
#98 - Photograph a stupid product or sign  

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 .: Smallville: Martha {tackle}trusttheonions on February 16th, 2008 01:41 am (UTC)
Creativity - 3/5. The bagel jar earned you the creativity points here. I can't think of ANYONE else who would go take a photo of a jar of bagels on Dunkin Donut's counter.

Methodology - 1/5. Those who know you will agree that stealth does not equal Nick. I was with you for ALL of these, and on each occasion, you walked straight up to the thing you were photographing and shamelessly snapped a picture. No James Bond music. No sneaking behind support beams. Not even a oh-i'm-just-checking-my-messages-in-this-general-direction. Sorry, but your methodology was not incredible.

Difficulty - 2/5. Aside from the bagel jar, none of these were very difficult to acquire, and coming across them was sheer luck.

Biggiosity - 4/5. You scored high in this category because you entered five times more material than was required. Follow this example, people, if you want awesome bonus points.

Uberosity (Bonus Points) - 4/10. Living in Auckland is always gonna give you the advantage of finding ridiculous stuff like this... 'Uku Sush' was really only funny cause of where we were sitting, so that brought your bonus points down a little. The spelling mistake, the '0 minute max' and the pot smoking though are all hilarious and so I award you 4 bonus points for this category.

In total, you get 14 points!