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06 February 2008 @ 09:31 pm
#46:see how long you can hold your breath, by jonathan w  
okay, yes, i know this isn't exactly the most fun item on this list...in fact it's pretty boring. but when did it i didn't realize i was actually gonna be posting it since i was just competing against jennifer who was going to post it.... but then i got a pretty okay time so sarah convinced me to. and also since i was twitching half the time i was holding my breath....

my time for how long i could hold my breath is: 1 min, 9 sec (69 sec)

and yeah, since i didn't know i would be posting, i don't have video evidence for this, but sarah and jennifer were there, and they can vouch for me....if they're not cold and sadistic and evil....

anyway, don't worry, my next one will have nice colourful pictures for all to see^^
Current Mood: meh....
 .: SPN: John {Breath}trusttheonions on February 6th, 2008 09:04 am (UTC)
This was some of the finest breath-holding I've ever seen! Yes, it's true, he has no video/photographic evidence, but it's also true that I was there and I vouch for every word.

A note to anyone else who thinks they can get away with witnesses as evidence. This really only applies if the witness is a marker (either Nick or me), and is only used as a last resort if;

a) there's no way of getting video/photographic proof, or
b) you (as in this case) do the task simply for fun and don't record evidence because you didn't consider submitting it until after you did it.

Using witnesses as evidence should be an absolute last resort only after you've exhausted ALL other means, because we do prefer cold, hard evidence and there's a chance your submission might be turned down (but yeah, alright, not a huge chance).

Anyway, bring on the points:

Creativity - 1/5. Okay, so you can't be incredibly creative whilst holding your breath. I dare anyone to even attempt full marks on this, so under the circumstances, good job.
Methodology - 3/5. Good call to hold your nose to prove you were actually doing it... cheaters never prosper
Difficulty - 4/5. I don't know ANYONE who could hold their breath for that long. Major kudos
Biggiosity - 5/5. I really do think this is the first time I've ever given full marks in any category, but you absolutely deserve it. For those who don't know, his time would have been more if I hadn't physically wrestled his hand from his nose, cause it looked like he might pass out. Honestly
Uberosity (Bonus Points) - 5/10. What can I say? Huge effort... slightly dangerous, you know... like, life-threatening, but that's all good. Whoever knew breath-holding could be so intense?

18 points!