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Have You Done The 101?

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Simple Explanation Just to get your attention... Staff and Volunteers
There are 101 things on the list, that are either embarassing, challenging, or just damn funny. Your mission if you are bored enough to accept it, is to do as many of them as possible before 31st of December 2009. Submissions will be judged, and at the end of the year the winner will recieve a spiffy trophy! So yah, thats The 101 in its simplest form. A few examples of the things you shall be attempting

- Give the most interesting gift to a bum
- Spend a day taking the theme of "Ye Olde England" to major extremes
- Make a loud obnoxious phone call on the train
- Make the best pet rock
- Most coolest action performed on a roof
- Coolest thing to set on fire
- Talk to a surveyer or similar person in complete rhyme

Sound like your kind of thing? Then sign up! Rules and how to sign up are in the journal.
There are certain people which make this competition all run smoothly, by updating scores, marking entries and keeping everything nice and neat. Those people are;

Sarah: trusttheonions - Marker & Leaderboard Update-er
Nick: otherside_21 - Marker
Jonathan: asiannarnian - Marker
Chrislyn: serelyn - Do-er of all HTML goodness

If you have a major problem or question that needs answering, you should probably go to either Sarah or Nick. The markers aren't trained monkeys, dude. OR robots with downloadable memory. No sir.

As we gain more members, it's likely we will be needing more staff and markers, so this section may be growing soon.
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There's a new element to The 101 this year, and thats the addition of international players. Now, remember, as an international 101er, you can't actually win The 101, but you can show off just how daring and insane you are, to much applause from your fellow 101ers. There are also acknowledgments, certificates and "virtual prizes" for you guys, as well as - of course - adoration. Submissions and marking for international players is done entirely by e-mail, but your scoreboard will be kept updated below, and shown to the world, along with a little thumbnail of your crazy stunts so far.

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United States, Mississippi
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