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02 January 2009 @ 03:52 pm
The 2009 List!  
The 101

Since last year, The 101 list has been divided into five categories of similar tasks:

Show Your Balls
This isn't as porny as it sounds. We're talking balls in the figurative sense here. To complete this section, you'll need to have very little dignity, few morals and no sense of shame at all.

Construction & Creative
You'll need industrial strength cardboard and jumbo-sized novelty markers if you want to excel in this section. These tasks will be very helpful to boost your points on a rainy day.

Pain & Endurance
If you cringe at the thought of getting waxed, or couldn't stand to hold a giant bug for more than 2 seconds, you may not want to attempt many from this section. The majority of these challenges will begin with 'see how long you can...' and 'tell us how much it hurts to...'

If you think you can do these challenges better than anyone else, you'll probably focus on this section. The most important thing in the 'One-Uppers' category is QUALITY. To get a lot of points here, you need to put everything into your entry.

Opportune Moment
Finally, something to curb the over-enthused. These tasks can only be done at a certain time, be it midnight, christmas or at the time of a random stroke of luck. Read the challenges, you'll understand.

And finally...

In addition to these five categories, there's one final challenge (making 101 tasks) that you can only complete once you've done the other hundred. Think you can get that far?

If there's anything you don't understand, post a comment with your question - I'm more than happy to help you out. BUT! You. Need. To. Read. Everything! Especially the note above about the final challenge. If you don't, you're more than likely to get something wrong and we will laugh at you and you will be embarrassed.


Show Your Balls
1. Show extreme interest in an embarrassing book in a bookstore
2. Listen to your iPod on the train and sing along
3. Talk to a cashier in a really bad fake accent
4. Hide in the bushes and scream at people as they go past
5. Vigorously/enthusiastically flap your hands in public
6. Talk to a surveyor or similar person in complete rhyme
7. Answer the phone and pretend to be someone else WITHOUT knowing who's calling
8. Pretend to sleep on a bed display in a department store
9. Write an angry letter to a company or organization
10. Spend a day taking the theme of Ye Olde England to major extremes
11. Males, buy extra small condoms, Females, buy extra large tampons
12. Have an intelligent conversation with an inanimate object in public
13. Play a board game in public, and try to get people to join in
14. Make a fake pet and take it for a walk in a public place - bonus points for stopping to let it take a wiz
15. Make a home video giving us a tour of your house, and walk us through embarassing things in your house that you wouldn't normally show people
16. Give a really stupid/hilarious answer on a test
17. Allow someone to down-trou you in a public place
18. Write a deliberately awful poem/soppy love letter and give/post it to the wrong person
19. Sneak in somewhere you're not supposed to be
20. Tell off a figure of authority

Construction & Creative
21. List a really weird item on Trademe
22. Hilarious/inappropriate handheld sign
23. Create a fruit friend
24. Gangsta-fy your Mum/Gran
25. Construct a fake I.D. Bonus points if you use it
26. Make a commercial advertising the 101
27. Make a map of the world using completely random items
28. Build a fort in a public place and live it in for at least 15 minutes
29. Fake an impossibly feat
30. Write, choreograph and perform a scene from a musical
31. Create the most disgusting concoction you can
32. Invent a useless/stupid product and create a poster/ad for it
33. Make an electrical gadget out of carboard. Bonus points if you pretend to use it
34. Three hard-to-achieve hairstyles. Mohawk reccommended. Major bonus points if you have long hair and create a successful mohawk
35. Create a vehicle (doesn't have to be motorized, but bonus points if it is) and travel in it
36. Make an elaborate picture using only squares of toast
37. Make an awesome cake
38. Create a comprehensive dictionary of Gangsta words
39. Construct a house using some form of food/various food items
40. Create a banner displaying a really weird message and hang it somewhere

Pain & Endurance
41. Engage in painful hair removal. Waxing or plucking recommended. Use Veet and be dubbed a pansy
42. See how long you can use an electrical appliance (toaster, hairdryer, etc) on the train before you're asked to stop/leave
43. Use those fake piercings you can buy at the $2 shop and convince your parents you got a real one
44. Let your phone ring for a long time with an amusing ringtone (Can't Touch This or Baby Got Back reccommended) in a movie theatre or library or form of public transport
45. Donate blood
46. See how long you can hold your breath
47. Chew a full tray of ice cubes
48. See how many times you can be slapped on the face (remember that old game, 'Mercy'?)
49. Go to an incredibly boring play or watch an incredibly boring movie/tv show... and pay attention (Laguna Beach or 8th & Ocean are some good ones... bad ones... you know what I mean)
50. See how many hats/socks you can wear at one time
51. Wear your entire wardrobe at once
52. See how long you can hold freezing ice cream between your teeth
53. Eat something you really hate
54. Hold an icky insect
55. Hold an icky insect in your mouth
56. Put a snail on your face and let it crawl around
57. Make 101 paper airplanes
58. Hang upside down on the washing line for as long as possible
59. Hold onto a hot lightbulb
60. Play hot potato

61. Most inappropriate/strange place for a game of cards
62. Most imaginative use for a 10m extension lead
63. Best/heaviest thing suspended by chewing gum. (Use as much gum as you like, it really depends on how much you're willing to spend on it)
64. Best public reference to a comic-book superhero
65. Best costume for a pet
66. Most creative thing to set of fire
67. Nerdiest act possible
68. Best gift given to a bum
69. Most hilarious practical joke
70. Coolest action performed on a roof
71. Best public reference to an irrelivant holiday
72. Best thing to give to a busker
73. Best pretending that something behind you has just exploded (slo-mo gets you bonus points)
74. Most amount of money collected for a charity
75. Best prank call
76. Most convincing papier-mache weapon/firearm
77. Best vocal imitation of Spongebob Squarepants
78. Most outrageous attempt to do a crazy thing to win the 101
79. Best wearable item on a budget of $5
80. Shoot the coolest thing

Opportune Moment
81. Create an awesome halloween costume/ensemble
82. Get a ticket form each station on your train line
83. Buy something exactly on midnight
84. Try to get on TV/radio and say 'Have you done the 101?'
85. Do something that will make people remember your name
86. Silliest phone call to Santa
87. Write out Christmas cards & give them to as many hobos as you can
88. Steal one cup of liquid soap from various public bathrooms
89. The next time you have to fill out a form, write something horribly embarrassing/stupid
90. Wear a provocative t-shirt somewhere formal
91. Throw someone the greatest birthday party ever
92. Construct an impressive easter display
93. Attend a fireworks display
94. Create an elaborate greeting card for a litle-known holiday (bonus points if you give it to someone)
95. Find a successful way to stop traffic
96. Scare little kids on halloween
97. Give an old person a cake
98. Photograph a stupid product/sign
99. Egg a house/person/both on Halloween
100. Get up at 4am and phone people

101. Find a brilliant way to tell the world that you've done the 101
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