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06 May 2008 @ 05:06 pm
#37 - Make an awesome cake, by Sarah M  
Since Chrislyn made a comment today about The 101 being dead, here is my third entry... only 97 to go!

Yes, I did do that on purpose. I know what you're thinking. Still, it was some fast maths.

Anyway, I shall now explain my cake.

It took me all day to make (from about 10am to 6pm). I didn't bake the cake, but I did make and apply all the decorations, including the little daisies which I made out of icing (which I colored myself). The "grass" and "dirt" is made from coconut which I colored green and toasted and chocolate hail. The overall icing itself is fondant which I colored and rolled out into a sheet to cover the cake and, although I can't prove it because it's underneath the fondant, there is also a layer of almond icing to make the top layer extra smooth.

Here is the cake in all it's glory:

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